AngularJS Training in Bangalore

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Best AngularJS Course in Bangalore & Top AngularJS Training Institute


AngularJS Training in Bangalore
Best AngularJS Course in Bangalore & Top AngularJS Training Institute

Are you looking for the best AngularJS Training in Bangalore?. Our AngularJS Training Institute in Bangalore will ensure you to understand the Concepts and terminologies of AngularJS with both Theory and Practicals to get real-time understanding and Exposure in Learning AngularJS. Our AngularJS Syllabus and Course Content is crafted by many MNC HR’s and Experts which is as per current Industry requirements and helps you to be one step ahead in the AngularJS field compared to other training institutes.


Bangalore Training Academy  is a prominent name in the bangalore's best ANGULARJS training institutes. We are one stop solution for people looking for top and best ANGULARJS training institutes in & at Bangalore. We offer best ANGULARJS course training at BTM Layout, Marathahalli Bangalore with experienced trainers in ANGULARJS industry. We provide 100% placement assistance and make you work on live projects.AngularJS is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework mainly maintained by Google and by a community of individuals and corporations to address many of the challenges encountered in developing single-page applications. AngularJS is a complete JavaScript framework for creating dynamic and interactive applications in HTML. Aside from being one of the hottest frameworks on the web, AngularJS is easy to learn yet powerful enough to help you develop complex single-page web applications. This learning path is specific to AngularJS and does not cover Angular 2 topics. For Angular 2 topics, see our Angular path. About this Course. The most comprehensive AngularJS training program in Bangalore. We love this amazingly powerful framework for web apps and we promise you will love this course. AngularJS was initially released in 2009 and it has been growing rapidly ever since. If you want to be a web developer you must learn AngularJS and with time it is going to be as essential as HTML. Our Angular course will focus on important features such as decoupling DOM manipulation and to decouple client side from the server side implementation in web apps. 

Bangalore Training Academy  is rated as one of the Best ANGULARJS Training Institute in Bangalore based on Google and other third party reviews. We have completed over 5000 Training classes in ANGULARJS and provided 100% placement assistance to students. Over the past 12 years, Team at Bangalore Training Academy  is dedicated to provide High-Quality Training in ANGULARJS.Trainers at Bangalore Training Academy  are handpicked from ANGULARJS Industry and they have a minimum of 9 years of experience in implementing ANGULARJS Technology. All ANGULARJS Trainers are Professional real-time working consultants who offer hands on experience based on live scenarios. 

Our ANGULARJS training center in Bangalore is well equipped with lab facilities and excellent infrastructure for providing you real time training experience. We also provide ANGULARJS certification training program. We have successfully trained and provided placement for many of our students in major MNC Companies, after successful completion ANGULARJS Training course. We provide 100% placement support for our students.We provide Class room trainings, online training, Weekend classes and Fast track course for best ANGULARJS Training in Bangalore. Students have the option to select the course timings according to their convenience.



Bangalore Training Academy offers the best Angular js Training in BTM Layout with most experienced professionals. We conduct all our students from the Basic Level of Angular js Classes to Advanced level. All these Classes are undergone not only theoretically, but also are executed on the real-time basis. Our Trainers are Real-time Working professionals in the Angular js Field from many years with hands on real time Angular js Project Knowledge.

Bangalore Training Academy is a highly experienced Angular js Training Institute in BTM Layout. This has helped students to get placed in top MNCs. We Offer Angular js Classes in BTM Layout for working professionals and students. we offer Regular training classes in Morning Batches and Evening Batches we also offer Weekend Training classes and Fast-track Training Classes for Angular js Course.



Bangalore Training Academy offers the best Angular js Training in Marathahalli with most experienced professionals. We provide the latest and most advanced industry recognized technology training. Our Trainers are working professionals in the same field from many years with hands on real time Angular js Project Knowledge. Our experts have designed Angular js Course Content from basics to advanced levels.  We understand the industry needs and offer the Angular js Training in Marathahalli in more practical way.

Bangalore Training Academy is a highly experienced Angular js Training Institute in Marathahalli. This has helped students to get placed in top MNCs. We Teach Angular js Course in Marathahalli for working professionals and students. Bangalore Training Academy provides flexible timings to all our students. And we offer regular training classes, Morning Batches, Evening Batches, weekend training classes, and fast-track training classes for Angular js Course.  Course Material for ANGULARJS Training is designed as per current scenarios and will help students in understanding the ANGULARJS concepts in detail. Our ANGULARJS training in Bangalore covers all the topics related to ANGULARJS Technology and gives a clear understanding of live scenario to students. Our ANGULARJS experts at Bangalore Training Academy  Training Institute, Bangalore have developed a unique way of teaching ANGULARJS in an efficient manner.

AngularJS Training in Bangalore
Best AngularJS Course in Bangalore & Top AngularJS Training Institute

So why use AngularJS?

• AngularJS uses directives to add new mark-ups to HTML and turns static HTML files in to something dynamic. It is an innovative approach to incorporating HTML and developing big web applications.

• AngularJS organizes views, controllers, directives, filters and such other elements in to separate modules. This division becomes convenient for building and managing an application.

• AngularJS has a built-in dependency injection system and is unit-testable.

• AngularJS uses data-binding directives to provide a projection of the model to the application view. It automates synchronization of data between model and view components. This allows developers to avoid writing a considerable amount of boilerplate code.

• AngularJS has a built-in template engine consisting of plain HTML pages (views) as well as controllers written in JavaScript to build rich user interfaces.

• AngularJS uses directives to extend HTML dialect by creating new HTML elements and attributes as well as custom HTML tags that work as new widgets.

Bangalore Training Academy  - Best ANGULARJS training institute in bangalore course highlights:


Free Orientation & Demo Classes - Connect with best ANGULARJS training real time experts, get course related details and career advice.

Hands On Experience - ANGULARJS Server Access will be provided during the course to practice.

Job Assistance - Our dedicated HR department will help you search jobs as per your module & skill set, thus, drastically reducing the job search time.

Support After You Start Working - Our best ANGULARJS training expert trainers will provide support to trained students for first 3 months after they start working and gets settled down.

Certification Assistance - Certification is an added value to your profile, We encourage & recommend to do certification in chosen field. Our best ANGULARJS training experts will provide assistance.

Trainers Are Our Asserts - Our best ANGULARJS trainers are well experienced with vast experience in ANGULARJS field, Our trainers have experience in training End Users & Students & Corporate employees.


We cover all the topics from basics to advanced level. Every topic covered under the ANGULARJS training will be explained in practical ways with examples. Our ANGULARJS trainers are ANGULARJS certified experts and experienced working professionals with real time ANGULARJS projects knowledge.

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AngularJS Training in Bangalore

Best AngularJS Course in Bangalore & Top AngularJS Training Institute 

Our AngularJS Trainers are working professionals with minimum 10+ Years of Expertise in AngularJS Domain and provide training with real-time projects. To know more about AngularJS, Book a Free Demo Class today and get an overall idea of what you are going to learn and scope of doing AngularJS Course as per current Market Trends. We also Provide Lab Facilities, Mock Interviews, Resume Preparation and 100% Placement Assistance to get you placed in AngularJS

AngularJS Course Syllabus

AngularJS Training in Bangalore
Best AngularJS Course in Bangalore & Top AngularJS Training Institute

Introduction of Angular JS

  • What is Angular
  • Angular vs Angular 2 vs Angular 4 vs Angular 5
  • CLI Deep Dive
  • Project Setup and First App
  • The course Structure
  • What is TypeScript
  • A basic setup of Bootstrap for Styling

The Basics of Angular JS

  • Module Introduction
  • How an Angular App gets loaded and started
  • Components
  • Creating new Component
  • Understanding the role of AppModule and Component Declaration
  • Understanding Component Templates
  • Understanding Component Styles
  • Understanding Component Selector
  • Databinding & Directive Concepts
  • Module Introduction
  • What is Databinding
  • String Interpolation
  • Property Binding
  • Property Binding vs String Interpolation
  • Event Binding
  • Bindable Properties and Events
  • Passing and Using Data using Event Binding
  • Two-Way Binding
  • Forms Module and Two Way Binding
  • Understanding Directives
  • Using ngIf and Else Conditions
  • Using ngStyle for Styling Angular App
  • Applying css Class dynamically with ngClass
  • Displaying Lists using ngFor

Advanced Component and Databinding

  • Module Introduction
  • Dividing the App into multiple components
  • Property and Event Binding deep dive
  • Binding to custom properties
  • Binding to custom events
  • View Encapsulation
  • Understanding Local Reference inside Templates
  • Getting Access to the templates using @ViewChild.
  • Exploring Component Life Cycle
  • Life cycle hooks deep dive

Advance Directive Concepts

  • Creating a basic custom attribute directive
  • Exploring Renderer to create a Directive
  • Understanding HostListener and HostBinding
  • Binding to Directive’s Properties
  • Building Structural Directives
  • Exploring ngSwitch

Typescript Introduction

  • Module Introduction
  • Using types
  • Classes
  • Interface
  • Generics
  • Wrap up & Modules
  • Deep dive into typescripts

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