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Are you looking for the best Apache Spark Training in Bangalore?. Our Apache Spark Training Institute in Bangalore will ensure you to understand the Concepts and terminologies of Apache Spark with both Theory and Practicals to get real-time understanding and Exposure in Learning Apache Spark. Our Apache Spark Syllabus and Course Content is crafted by many MNC HR’s and Experts which is as per current Industry requirements and helps you to be one step ahead in the Apache Spark field compared to other training institutes.

Our Apache Spark Trainers are working professionals with minimum 10+ Years of Expertise in Apache Spark Domain and provide training with real-time projects. To know more about Apache Spark, Book a Free Demo Class today and get an overall idea of what you are going to learn and scope of doing Apache Spark Course as per current Market Trends. We also Provide Lab Facilities, Mock Interviews, Resume Preparation and 100% Placement Assistance to get you placed in Apache Spark

Apache Spark Course Syllabus


  • Getting started With Scala
  • Scala Background, Scala Vs Java and Basics
  • Interactive Scala – REPL, data types, variables, expressions, simple functions
  • Running the program with Scala Compiler
  • Explore the type lattice and use type inference
  • Define Methods and Pattern Matching

Functional Programming

  • What is Functional Programming?
  • Differences between OOPS and FPP

Collections ( Very Important for Spark )

  • Iterating, mapping, filtering, and counting
  • Regular expressions and matching with them
  • Maps, Sets, group By, Options, flatten, flat Map
  • Word count, IO operations, file access, flatMap


  • What is SBT?
  • Integration of Scala in Eclipse IDE
  • Integration of SBT with Eclipse


  • Batch versus real-time data processing
  • Introduction to Spark, Spark versus Hadoop
  • The architecture of Spark
  • Coding Spark jobs in Scala
  • Exploring the Spark shell to  Creating Spark Context
  • RDD Programming
  • Operations on RDD
  • Transformations
  • Actions
  • Loading Data and Saving Data
  • Key Value Pair RDD
  • Broadcast variables

Spark Integration with NoSQL (CASSANDRA) and Amazon EC2

  • Introduction to Spark and Cassandra Connectors
  • Spark With Cassandra  to Set up
  • Creating Spark Context to connect the Cassandra
  • Creating Spark RDD on the Cassandra Database
  • Performing Transformation and Actions on the Cassandra RDD
  • Running Spark Application in Eclipse to access the data in the Cassandra
  • Introduction to Amazon Web Services
  • Building 4 Node Spark Multi-Node Cluster in Amazon Web Services
  • Deploying in Production with Mesos and YARN

Spark Streaming

  • Introduction of Spark Streaming
  • Architecture of Spark Streaming
  • Processing Distributed Log Files in Real Time
  • Discretized streams RDD
  • Applying Transformations and Actions on Streaming Data
  • Integration with Flume and Kafka
  • Integration with Cassandra
  • Monitoring streaming jobs

Spark SQL

  • Introduction to Apache Spark SQL
  • The SQL context
  • Importing and saving data
  • Processing the Text files, JSON and Parquet Files
  • DataFrames
  • user-defined functions
  • Using Hive
  • Local Hive Metastore server

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