Big Data Analytics Training in Bangalore

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Best Big Data Analytics Course in Bangalore & Top Big Data Analytics Training Institute


Big Data Analytics Training in Bangalore
Best Big Data Analytics Course in Bangalore & Top Big Data Analytics Training Institute

Are you looking for the best Big Data Analytics Training in Bangalore?. Our Big Data Analytics Training Institute in Bangalore will ensure you to understand the concepts and terminologies of Big Data Analytics with both Theory and Practicals to get real-time understanding and Exposure in Learning Big Data Analytics. Our Big Data Analytics Syllabus and Course Content is crafted by many MNC HR’s and Experts which is as per current Industry requirements and helps you to be one step ahead in the Big Data Analytics field compared to other training institutes.Big Data online Training in Bangalore. Big Data Online Certification Training in Bangalore, Learn how to design and use a Big Data system to scale and handle complexity. Our instructors are teaching marketable big data skills that are expected by big data companies in the Stateside and world wide. Our instructors professional courses, especially classroom, boot camp, and online programs led by the best Big Data Schools and Universities in the Bangalore, India will help you to become an expert in the subject with job placements.


Bangalore Training Academy  is a prominent name in the bangalore's best BIG DATA ANALYTICS training institutes. We are one stop solution for people looking for top and best BIG DATA ANALYTICS training institutes in & at Bangalore. We offer best BIG DATA ANALYTICS course training at BTM Layout, Marathahalli Bangalore with experienced trainers in BIG DATA ANALYTICS industry. We provide 100% placement assistance and make you work on live projects.Bangalore Training Academy  is rated as one of the Best BIG DATA ANALYTICS Training Institute in Bangalore based on Google and other third party reviews. We have completed over 5000 Training classes in BIG DATA ANALYTICS and provided 100% placement assistance to students. Over the past 12 years, Team at Bangalore Training Academy  is dedicated to provide High-Quality Training in BIG DATA ANALYTICS.Trainers at Bangalore Training Academy  are handpicked from BIG DATA ANALYTICS Industry and they have a minimum of 9 years of experience in implementing BIG DATA ANALYTICS Technology. All BIG DATA ANALYTICS Trainers are Professional real-time working consultants who offer hands on experience based on live scenarios. 

Our BIG DATA ANALYTICS training center in Bangalore is well equipped with lab facilities and excellent infrastructure for providing you real time training experience. We also provide BIG DATA ANALYTICS certification training program. We have successfully trained and provided placement for many of our students in major MNC Companies, after successful completion BIG DATA ANALYTICS Training course. We provide 100% placement support for our students.We provide Class room trainings, online training, Weekend classes and Fast track course for best BIG DATA ANALYTICS Training in Bangalore. Students have the option to select the course timings according to their convenience.

Course Material for BIG DATA ANALYTICS Training is designed as per current scenarios and will help students in understanding the BIG DATA ANALYTICS concepts in detail. Our BIG DATA ANALYTICS training in Bangalore covers all the topics related to BIG DATA ANALYTICS Technology and gives a clear understanding of live scenario to students. Our BIG DATA ANALYTICS experts at Bangalore Training Academy  Training Institute, Bangalore have developed a unique way of teaching BIG DATA ANALYTICS in an efficient manner.



Bangalore Training Academy offers the best Big Data Training in BTM Layout with most experienced professionals. We conduct all our students from the Basic Level of Big Data Classes to Advanced level. All these Classes are undergone not only theoretically, but also are executed on the real-time basis. Our Trainers are Real-time Working professionals in the Big Data Field from many years with hands on real time Big Data Project Knowledge.

Bangalore Training Academy is a highly experienced Big Data Training Institute in BTM Layout. This has helped students to get placed in top MNCs. We Offer Big Data Classes in BTM Layout for working professionals and students. we offer Regular training classes in Morning Batches and Evening Batches we also offer Weekend Training classes and Fast-track Training Classes for Big Data Course.



Bangalore Training Academy offers the best Big Data Training in Marathahalli with most experienced professionals. We provide the latest and most advanced industry recognized technology training. Our Trainers are working professionals in the same field from many years with hands on real time Big Data Project Knowledge. Our experts have designed Big Data Course Content from basics to advanced levels.  We understand the industry needs and offer the Big Data Training in Marathahalli in more practical way.

Bangalore Training Academy is a highly experienced Big Data Training Institute in Marathahalli. This has helped students to get placed in top MNCs. We Teach Big Data Course in Marathahalli for working professionals and students. Bangalore Training Academy provides flexible timings to all our students. And we offer regular training classes, Morning Batches, Evening Batches, weekend training classes, and fast-track training classes for Big Data Course.     

Big Data Analytics Training in Bangalore

Best Big Data Analytics Course in Bangalore & Top Big Data Analytics Training Institute                                                                                                                                                                              

Bangalore Training Academy  - Best BIG DATA ANALYTICS training institute in bangalore course highlights: 

Free Orientation & Demo Classes - Connect with best BIG DATA ANALYTICS training real time experts, get course related details and career advice.

Hands On Experience - BIG DATA ANALYTICS Server Access will be provided during the course to practice.

Job Assistance - Our dedicated HR department will help you search jobs as per your module & skill set, thus, drastically reducing the job search time.

Support After You Start Working - Our best BIG DATA ANALYTICS training expert trainers will provide support to trained students for first 3 months after they start working and gets settled down.

Certification Assistance - Certification is an added value to your profile, We encourage & recommend to do certification in chosen field. Our best BIG DATA ANALYTICS training experts will provide assistance.

Trainers Are Our Asserts - Our best BIG DATA ANALYTICS trainers are well experienced with vast experience in BIG DATA ANALYTICS field, Our trainers have experience in training End Users & Students & Corporate employees.


We cover all the topics from basics to advanced level. Every topic covered under the BIG DATA ANALYTICS training will be explained in practical ways with examples. Our BIG DATA ANALYTICS trainers are BIG DATA ANALYTICS certified experts and experienced working professionals with real time BIG DATA ANALYTICS projects knowledge.

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Our Big Data Analytics Trainers are working professionals with minimum 10+ Years of Expertise in Big Data Analytics Domain and provide training with real-time projects. To know more about Big Data Analytics, Book a Free Demo Class today and get an overall idea of what you are going to learn and scope of doing Big Data Analytics Course as per current Market Trends. We also Provide Lab Facilities, Mock Interviews, Resume Preparation and 100% Placement Assistance to get you placed in Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics Course Syllabus

Big Data Analytics Training in Bangalore
Best Big Data Analytics Course in Bangalore & Top Big Data Analytics Training Institute

Module 1-Introduction to course

Introduction to corporate training

Software life cycle


Soft skills

Professional Ethics

Make you strength

Where I Stands?

Module 2-Data science introduction

What is data science

Need for data science?

Data science vs Business Intelligence

Prerequisite for learning data science

What does a data scientist do?

Data science life cycle with example

Demand for data science

Module 3-Installations

• Installations required for data science


Module 4 – R Programming

R Basics, background

Comprehensive R Archive Network

Demo of Installing R On windows from CRAN Website

Installing R Studios on Windows OS

Setting Up R Workspace.

Getting Help for R-How to use help system

Installing Packages – Loading And Unloading Packages

Getting familiar with basics

Operators in R – Arithmetic,Relational,Logical and Assignment Operators

Variables,Types Of Variables,Using variables Conditional statements,ifelse(),switch

Loops: For Loops,While Loops,Using Break statement,Switch

The R Programming Language- Data Types

Creating data objects from the keyword.

How to make different type of data objects.

Types of data structures in R

Arrays And Lists- Create Access the elements

Vectors – Create Vectors,Vectorized Operations,Power of Vectorized Operations Matrices-

Building the first matrices,Matrix Operations,Subsetting,visualising subset

Data Frames- create and filter data frames,Building And Merging data frames.

Functions And Importing data into R

Function Overview – Naming Guidelines

Arguments Matching,Function with Multiple Arguments

Additional Arguments using Ellipsis,Lazy Evaluation Multiple Return Values Function as

Objects,Anonymous Functions

Importing and exporting Data into R- importing from files like excel,csv and minitab.

Import from URL and excel Files

Import from database.

Data Descriptive

Statistics, Tabulation, Distribution

Summary Statistics for Matrix Objects. apply() Command. Converting an Object into a Table

Histograms, Stem and Leaf Plot, Density

Normal Distribution

Graphics in R – Types of graphics

Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Histograms- Create and edit.

Box Plots- Basics of Boxplots- Create and Edit Visualisation in R using ggplot2.

More About Graphs: Adding Legends to Graphs,Adding Text to Graphs, Orienting the AxisLabel.

Module 5 -Python programming

Introduction to python


Data Types

Control Statements


Data Structures – Lists, Sets, Tuples, Strings, Dictionaries,

OOPS Concept

Module 6 -Libraries

• Numpy

• Pandas

• Scipy

• Scikit-Learn • Keras


• Matplotlib • Seaborn

• Cufflinks • NLTK


Note: Installations and work end to end. As per requirements going to work with different libraries.


Module 7 – Data Exploration

Collecting data from different sources

Analyzing data

Data preprocessing

Data munging

Data mining

Data manipulation

Data visualization

Feature Selection

Feature Scaling

Dimensionality reduction

Module 8 -Statistics

Basics of Statistics

Descriptive Statistics

Inferential Statistics

Qualitative vs. Quantitative Analysis

Hypothesis Testing

Data Distribution

Module 9 – Other Mathematics Concepts



Linear algebra

Module 10 -Machine Learning

Introducing Machine Learning models

Supervised learning

Regression and Classification models

Unsupervised learning

Clustering and Aggregation models

Semi supervised learning

Over fitting and under fitting(Linear, Logistic, Navi Bayes, K-Nearest Neighbors, Support Vector Machine, Decision Trees, Random Forest …..)Note: Deals with Mathematics and Programming part

Module 11 -Deep Learning and other algorithms

Introduction to Deep learning


Artificial Neural Networks

Convolutional Neural Networks

Recurrent Neural Networks

Tensor flow

Over fitting and under fitting

Module 12 -Natural Language Processing

Introduction to NLP

Text Preprocessing



Text to features

Important Tasks in NLP

Big Data Analytics Trainer Profile

4V ( Volume, Velocity, Variety and Veracity) characteristics

Structured and Unstructured Data

Application and use cases of Big Data

Limitations of traditional large Scale systems

How a distributed way of computing is superior (cost and scale)

Opportunities and challenges with Big Data

Introduction to Linux and Big Data Virtual Machine (VM)

Introduction to Linux - Why Linux? -

Windows and the Linux equivalents

Different flavors of Linux

Unity Shell (Ubuntu UI)

Basic Linux

Commands (enough to get started with Hadoop)

HDFS Overview and Architecture

Deployment Architecture

Name Node, Data Node and Checkpoint Node ( aka Secondary Name Node)

Safe mode

Configuration files

HDFS Data Flows ( Read v/s Write)

Load Balancer

Dist Cp

HDFS Federation

HDFS High Availability

Hadoop Archives

CRC Checksum

Data replication

Rack awareness and Block placement policy

Small files problem

Command Line Interface

File System

Web Interface

Legacy MR v/s Next Generation MapReduce ( aka YARN/ MRv2)

Slots v/s Containers


Shuffling, Sorting

Hadoop Data Types

Input and Output Formats

Input Splits - Partitioning ( Hash Partitioner v/s Customer Partitioner)

Speculative execution


JVM Reuse


Word Count

Term Frequency

Inverse Document Frequency

Log Data Analysis

Different ways of joining data

Purchases Data Analysis

Max Temperatur


Inverted Index

Introduction and Architecture

Different Modes of executing Pig constructs

Data Types

Dynamic invokers Pig streaming Macros

Pig Latin language Constructs (LOAD, STORE, DUMP, SPLIT, etc)

User Defined Functions

Use Cases

Introduction and Architecture

Different Modes of executing Hive queries

Metastore Implementations

HiveQL (DDL & DML Operations)

External v/s Managed Tables Views

Partitions & Buckets

Joins, Group by, Order by

User Defined Functions

Review of RDBMS

Need for NoSQL

Brewers CAP Theorem


Schema on Read vs. Schema on Write

Different levels of consistency

Key Value




HBase Architecture

Master and Region Server

Catalog Tables (Root and Meta)

HBase Data Modeling

Loading data in HBase

Introduction to RDD

Installation and Configuration of Spark

Spark Architecture

Different interfaces to Spark

Data frames and Datasets

Querying massive data using SparkSql

Sample Python programs in Spark

Data Visualization using Apache Zeppelin

Cloudera Hadoop cluster on the Amazon Using EMR (Elastic Map Reduce)

Using EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)

Importing/ exporting data across RDBMS and HDFS using Sqoop

Getting real- time events into HDFS using Flume

Creating workflows in Oozie

Introduction to Graph processing

Graph processing with Neo4J

Processing data in real time using Storm

Interactive Adhoc querying with Impala


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Bangalore training academy is best Big data Hadoop training and certification training institute in btm layout. Very good experience... Detailed information flow..Faculty is experienced. Best part is their in-depth knowledge which make them class.trainer provided advanced course curriculam.

Its been a nice and easy learning and Data Analytics sir is very good in making you understand a very difficult concept in very easy way by using examples and notes and assignment's provided by sir are really helpful. Best big data and Hadoop developer certification training in Bangalore.

Best Data Analytics certification training institute in Bangalore. Excellent advanced Training program. I have taken the classes in machine learning . they start with the zero and teachs every minor Point.Best data science training in Bangalore.

I am satisfied with the Big data course they offer . Their Data Analytics faculty sir is amazing . He is co operative and really friendly . Being a student from NIT , I had many expectation from this institute and I m glad that they all r fulfilled . Data science sir has immense knowledge and he has delivered that knowledge very diligently . Being from a non analytic background , now I can analyse the data with the help of R and Hadoop Spark.Best Big data analytics training and placement institute in Bangalore BTM Layout.

One of the best data analytics institute In Bangalore. Teachers are very hard working and cooperative. Never knew data analytics can become so easy to learn. The teaching techniques used are very nice and interactive. big data analytics training and certification program in bangalore

It was a wonderful experience learning Python And R in Analytics In Bangalore Training Academy. Faculty is very experienced and understanding ,always ready to solve problems and guided us with proper study material.Best Data science training in bangalore.
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