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Best Python Course in Bangalore & Top Python Training Institute


Python Training in Bangalore
Best Python Course in Bangalore & Top Python Training Institute

Are you looking for the best Python Training in Bangalore?. Our Python Training Institute in Bangalore will ensure you to understand the Concepts and terminologies of Python with both Theory and Practicals to get real-time understanding and Exposure in Learning Python. Our Python Syllabus and Course Content is crafted by many MNC HR’s and Experts which is as per current Industry requirements and helps you to be one step ahead in the Python field compared to other training institutes.Django Python Web Application Framework.The aim of Machine learning consists in enabling computers to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning algorithms learn from example data. "Learn" means in this context the ability to automatically determine patterns and regularities from the learn data.Enroll for best Python training course in Bangalore with placement support and certification. This Classroom & online Python course is delivered by Python Real time experts in Bangalore. Bangalore Training Academy Python Institute and courses give professionals the opportunity to grow into a career in the tech industry. During our Python-focused introductory workshop, you'll learn to harness the power of an essential programming language for data scientists. Learn Python Programming in our Bangalore Training Institute, Marathahalli 7 BTM facility. Python is an object-oriented programming language. Our Python Academy offers Live training classes in BTM Layout, Bangalore for Python Programming as well as an advanced Python Programming course. Immersive Python Training in Marathahalli to learn Python from scratch. Learn about Python library & tools like NumPy, Pandas, SciPy, etc in this Python Course in Bangalore. BTA comprehensive Python Training Course will teach you the basics of Python, data operations, conditional statements, shell scripting, and Django. Learn Top 100 Python interview questions to acquaint you with the essential programming concepts and skills required for sure success in 2020.Best Python Training Institute in Bangalore with 100% Guaranteed JOB Placements, Live Project Classes, Low Fees. Book your FREE DEMO Class Now!We Offered Python Training in Bangalore with Top Trainers at Low Cost. This Python Course will help you to Learn Python Programming from scratch to advanced.

Python Course In Bangalore.

This advanced Python course starts with the basic syntax of the language, such as statements, variables, comments, conditionals and loops and proceeds with the fundamental data structures of Python, i.e. lists, tuples and dictionaries. Functions, modules and packages are covered in great detail. A main focus remains on Object Oriented Programming. Advanced topics as decorators and generators round upt the schooling. This Python course is aimed at experienced programmers, scientists and engineers with development experience in another high-level programming or scripting language such as C/C++, Perl, PHP, Tcl or others. Python knowledge is not necessary.Python Training in Bangalore. We, at Bangalore Training Academy, are the Best Python Training Institute in Bangalore . We provide python training based on the real-time projects which enable you to have a live experience of hand python at an early stage of your career.Best Python Training institute in Bangalore, 100% JOB Oriented, FREE DEMO Class,Real time projects, Expert Trainers, Lowest Fees Guaranteed Marathahalli.Learn Python Training in Bangalore with Placement. We are the best python training institute in Bangalore with 10 years of experience in the Industry.

Python Course for Data Analysis and Machine Learning

You will learn Python in this course and you will also acquire the necessary knowledge to analyze, visualize and present data by using Python and it modules Numpy, Matplotlib and Pandas. Another topics of this training course will be an introduction into machine learning, focusing both on the underlying theory and Python example implementations. The scikit learn toolkit will also be introduced..This course is intended for students who have basic python or programming background. The participants will acquire the necessary knowledge to analyze, visualize and present data by using the Python modules Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib and Pandas.Best Python Training in Bangalore offered Bangalore Training Academy the market leader in Python training in Bangalore, Classroom, Online and Corporate.Take Python Training Classes in Bangalore and choose from the Best Python Coaching provider.Best Python Training in Bangalore - Learn python course in Bangalore with real-time training from expert trainers and get placement assistance .


Python Training in Bangalore

Best Python Course in Bangalore & Top Python Training Institute

Bangalore Training Academy  is a prominent name in the bangalore's best PYTHON training institutes. We are one stop solution for people looking for top and best PYTHON  training institutes in & at Bangalore. We offer best PYTHON  course training at BTM Layout, Marathahalli Bangalore with experienced trainers in PYTHON  industry. We provide 100% placement assistance and make you work on live projects.Bangalore Training Academy  is rated as one of the Best PYTHON Training Institute in Bangalore based on Google and other third party reviews. We have completed over 5000 Training classes in PYTHON  and provided 100% placement assistance to students. Over the past 12 years, Team at Bangalore Training Academy  is dedicated to provide High-Quality Training in PYTHON Looking out for a Top 10 python training institutes in Bangalore & Top 10 software training institutes in India then you are in the right place! ..We Bangalore Training Academy India’s Leading classroom platform offering advanced Python Training in Bangalore Also known for The best Python training.Best Python Training Institute in Bangalore offering Python Certification course with 100% Placement assistance .Get certification under certified experts.

Why Python?

Python is a general-purpose, versatile and popular programming language. It’s great as a first language because it is concise and easy to read, and it is also a good language to have in any programmer’s stack as it can be used for everything from web development to software development and scientific applications. Python is one of the top programming languages in the world and continues to grow. The highly popular Introduction to Programming with Python short course teaches Python  and is suitable for complete beginners to programming, and to Python, which is a powerful open-source language that is very popular in the fields of data analysis, finance and web development. This practical short course is aimed at candidates with good computer literacy. It would also suit those with some prior knowledge of Python who wish to improve their skills..Python training in Bangalore , BTM & Marathahalli, 100% JOB GUARANTEED, Python Training in Marathahalli . Best Python Training in Bangalore.Get Python Training in Bangalore from Bangalore Training Academy with 100% placement assistance. Get trained by experts with our Python Course in Bangalore.Attend The Best Python Course Training In Bangalore From Bangalore Training Academy. Practical Python Training Sessions With Assured Placement Support From Experienced

Trainers at Bangalore Training Academy  are handpicked from PYTHON  Industry and they have a minimum of 9 years of experience in implementing PYTHON  Technology. All PYTHON Trainers are Professional real-time working consultants who offer hands on experience based on live scenarios.Our PYTHON training center in Bangalore is well equipped with lab facilities and excellent infrastructure for providing you real time training experience. We also provide PYTHON  certification training program. We have successfully trained and provided placement for many of our students in major MNC Companies, after successful completion PYTHON Training course. We provide 100% placement support for our students.We provide Class room trainings, online training, Weekend classes and Fast track course for best PYTHON Training in Bangalore. Students have the option to select the course timings according to their convenience.Course Material for PYTHON  Training is designed as per current scenarios and will help students in understanding the PYTHON  concepts in detail. Our PYTHON  training in Bangalore covers all the topics related to PYTHON  Technology and gives a clear understanding of live scenario to students. Our PYTHON  experts at Bangalore Training Academy  Training Institute, Bangalore have developed a unique way of teaching PYTHON in an efficient manner.



Bangalore Training Academy offers the best Python Training in BTM Layout with most experienced professionals. We conduct all our students from the Basic Level of Python Classes to Advanced level. All these Classes are undergone not only theoretically, but also are executed on the real-time basis. Our Trainers are Real-time Working professionals in the Python Field from many years with hands on real time Python Project Knowledge.The course is a great way to develop skills to further your career; the exercises used to teach the concepts throughout the course are potential materials for interviewing as a Python programmer.

The Introduction to Programming with Python short course is taught in our central Bangalore Marathahalli & Btm Layout location over 8 weeks, once a week on weekday evenings, allowing you to continue in full-time employment. With this hands-on course, you will learn how to think like a programmer and apply knowledge gained to practical exercises in class, having an experienced tutor present to answer questions



Understand the fundamental features of the Python programming language,Write procedural, object oriented and functional programs in Python.Learn how to manipulate and shape your data, automate process or write bespoke programs on our practical introduction to programming using Python. Aimed those new to programming, our week-long course aims to give you a hands-on introduction to Python, a general-purpose programming language.Python can be used for nearly everything and continues to grow in popularity with organisations like NASA, Google, YouTube and the New York Stock Exchange all using it for different things. Through the use of excellent numerical packages, Python can also compete against more statistical and mathematical packages such as R.. Best Python Training Institute in Bangalore - very good placements. Resume Preparation. Lab Facility. Placement Guarantee. Mock Interview. Bangalore Training Academy is the best institute for Python training in Bangalore. Learn Python course from IT Professionals with live project and 100% placement .                                                                                                                                                                                 

Bangalore Training Academy  - Best PYTHON training institute in bangalore course highlights:

 Get to grips with a number of different Python packages that are commonly used for data analysis like Pandas, CSV, Numpy and SciPy.Pandas, Numpy, SciPy and CSV are all libraries, which are a group of features and functionalities for the programming language Python. The libraries looked at in this intermediate course, are used mainly for data analysis and can help you can use to analyse, filter, manipulate, aggregate, merge, pivot and clean datasets.

This Advanced Python course focuses on how to write and run simple data analysis in Python and builds on these using some of the extensions available in Python. You’ll also manipulate and clean data as well as use the stats library to conduct basic statistic tests. This course is a great introduction to both fundamental programming concepts and the Python programming language. By the end, you’ll be comfortable programming in Python and taking your skills off the Bangalore Training Academy Classes.

•             Conducting simple statistical analyses: The Python Numpy Module

•             Combining For/While loops and Numpy for complex analysis

•             Using Pandas to import and manipulate datasets. 

Free Orientation & Demo Classes - Connect with best PYTHON training real time experts, get course related details and career advice.

Hands On Experience - PYTHON Server Access will be provided during the course to practice.

Job Assistance - Our dedicated HR department will help you search jobs as per your module & skill set, thus, drastically reducing the job search time.

Support After You Start Working - Our best PYTHON DJANGO training expert trainers will provide support to trained students for first 3 months after they start working and gets settled down.

Certification Assistance - Certification is an added value to your profile, We encourage & recommend to do certification in chosen field. Our best PYTHON DJANGO training experts will provide assistance.

Trainers Are Our Asserts - Our best PYTHON trainers are well experienced with vast experience in PYTHON field, Our trainers have experience in training End Users & Students & Corporate employees.


We cover all the topics from basics to advanced level. Every topic covered under the PYTHON  training will be explained in practical ways with examples. Our PYTHON trainers are PYTHON certified experts and experienced working professionals with real time PYTHON projects knowledge.

Would you like to know more details about our best PYTHON training institute in bangalore?

Learn about course details, fee, faculty and class timings.

Our Python Trainers are working professionals with minimum 10+ Years of Expertise in Python Domain and provide training with real-time projects. To know more about Python, Book a Free Demo Class today and get an overall idea of what you are going to learn and scope of doing Python Course as per current Market Trends. We also Provide Lab Facilities, Mock Interviews, Resume Preparation and 100% Placement Assistance to get you placed in Python

Top Python Interview Questions and Answers

Easy to read, easy to write, and with a super-cool name, Python seems to get more popular by the day. This interpreted, general-purpose programming language has versatile features and fewer required codes. For aspiring developers, look no further than this universal, utilitarian language. Software engineers, software developers, and data scientists are among the many roles that utilize Python in their day-to-day operations. Once you’ve polished your coding skills, review the interview basics. Then, read on for our list of the top Python interview questions and answers

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Python Course Syllabus

Python Training in Bangalore
Best Python Course in Bangalore & Top Python Training Institute

  • Python Course Content Bangalore

Core Python

Introduction to Languages

What is Language?

Types of languages

Introduction to Translators



What is Scripting Language?

Types of Scriptna

Programming Languages v/s Scripting Languages

Difference between Scripting and Programming languages

What is programming paradigm?

Procedural programming paradigm

Object Oriented Programming paradigm

Introduction to Python

What is Python?



Features – Dynamic, Interpreted, Object oriented, Embeddable, Extensible, Large standard libraries, Free and Open source

Why Python is General Language?

Limitations of Python

What is PSF?

Python implementations

Python applications

Python versions


Difference between Python 2.x and 3.x

Difference between Python 3.7 and 3.8

Software Development Architectures

Python Software’s

Python Distributions

Download &Python Installation Process in Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac

Online Python IDLE

Python Real-time IDEs like Spyder, Jupyter Note Book, PyCharm, Rodeo, Visual Studio Code, ATOM, PyDevetc

Python Language Fundamentals

Python Implementation Alternatives/Flavors



Constants / Literals

Data types

Python VS JAVA

Python Syntax

Different Modes of Python

Interactive Mode

Scripting Mode

Programming Elements

Structure of Python program

First Python Application

Comments in Python

Python file extensions

Setting Path in Windows

Edit and Run python program without IDE

Edit and Run python program using IDEs


Programmers View of Interpreter


What is Byte Code in PYTHON?

Python Debugger

Python Variables

bytes Data Type

byte array

String Formatting in Python

Math, Random, Secrets Modules


Initialization of variables

Local variables

Global variables

‘global’ keyword

Input and Output operations

Data conversion functions – int(), float(), complex(), str(), chr(), ord()


Arithmetic Operators

Comparison Operators

Python Assignment Operators

Logical Operators

Bitwise Operators

Shift operators

Membership Operators

Identity Operators

Ternary Operator

Operator precedence

Difference between “is” vs “==”

Input & Output Operators



Command-line arguments

Control Statements


Conditional control statements





Loop control statements



Nested loops

Branching statements





Case studies

Data Structures or Collections


Importance of Data structures

Applications of Data structures

Types of Collections


Strings, List, Tuple, range

Non sequence

Set, Frozen set, Dictionary


What is string

Representation of Strings

Processing elements using indexing

Processing elements using Iterators

Manipulation of String using Indexing and Slicing

String operators

Methods of String object

String Formatting

String functions

String Immutability

Case studies

List Collection

What is List

Need of List collection

Different ways of creating List

List comprehension

List indices

Processing elements of List through Indexing and Slicing

List object methods

List is Mutable

Mutable and Immutable elements of List

Nested Lists


Hardcopy, shallowCopy and DeepCopy

zip() in Python

How to unzip?

Python Arrays:

Case studies

Tuple Collection

What is tuple?

Different ways of creating Tuple

Method of Tuple object

Tuple is Immutable

Mutable and Immutable elements of Tuple

Process tuple through Indexing and Slicing

List v/s Tuple

Case studies

Set Collection

What is set?

Different ways of creating set

Difference between list and set

Iteration Over Sets

Accessing elements of set

Python Set Methods

Python Set Operations

Union of sets

functions and methods of set

Python Frozen set

Difference between set and frozenset ?

Case study

Dictionary Collection

What is dictionary?

Difference between list, set and dictionary

How to create a dictionary?


Accessing values of dictionary

Python Dictionary Methods

Copying dictionary

Updating Dictionary

Reading keys from Dictionary

Reading values from Dictionary

Reading items from Dictionary

Delete Keys from the dictionary

Sorting the Dictionary

Python Dictionary Functions and methods

Dictionary comprehension


What is Function?

Advantages of functions

Syntax and Writing function

Calling or Invoking function

Classification of Functions

No arguments and No return values

With arguments and No return values

With arguments and With return values

No arguments and With return values


Python argument type functions :

Default argument functions

Required(Positional) arguments function

Keyword arguments function

Variable arguments functions

‘pass’ keyword in functions

Lambda functions/Anonymous functions




Nested functions

Non local variables, global variables





Monkey patching

Advanced Python

Python Modules

Importance of modular programming

What is module

Types of Modules – Pre defined, User defined.

User defined modules creation

Functions based modules

Class based modules

Connecting modules

Import module

From … import

Module alias / Renaming module

Built In properties of module


Organizing python project into packages

Types of packages – pre defined, user defined.

Package v/s Folder

py file

Importing package


Introduction to PIP

Installing PIP

Installing Python packages

Un installing Python packages


Procedural v/s Object oriented programming

Principles of OOP – Encapsulation , Abstraction (Data Hiding)

Classes and Objects

How to define class in python

Types of variables – instance variables, class variables.

Types of methods – instance methods, class method, static method

Object initialization

‘self’ reference variable

‘cls’ reference variable

Access modifiers – private(__) , protected(_), public

AT property class

Property() object

Creating object properties using setaltr, getaltr functions

Encapsulation(Data Binding)

What is polymorphism?


i) Method overriding

ii) Constructor overriding


i) Method Overloading

ii) Constructor Overloading

iii)  Operator Overloading


Class re-usability



Inheritance – single , multi level, multiple, hierarchical and hybrid inheritance and Diamond inheritance

Constructors in inheritance

Object class


Runtime polymorphism

Method overriding

Method resolution order(MRO)

Method overriding in Multiple inheritance and Hybrid Inheritance

Duck typing

Concrete Methods in Abstract Base Classes

Difference between Abstraction & Encapsulation

Inner classes


Writing inner class

Accessing class level members of inner class

Accessing object level members of inner class

Local inner classes

Complex inner classes

Case studies

Exception Handling & Types of Errors


What is Exception?

Why exception handling?

Syntax error v/s Runtime error

Exception codes – AttributeError, ValueError, IndexError, TypeError…

Handling exception – try except block

Try with multi except

Handling multiple exceptions with single except block

Finally block


Try with finally

Case study of finally block

Raise keyword

Custom exceptions / User defined exceptions

Need to Custom exceptions

Case studies

Regular expressions


Understanding regular expressions

String v/s Regular expression string

“re” module functions








Expressions using operators and symbols

Simple character matches

Special characters

Character classes

Mobile number extraction

Mail extraction

Different Mail ID patterns

Data extraction

Password extraction

URL extraction

Vehicle number extraction

Case study

File &Directory handling


Introduction to files

Opening file

File modes

Reading data from file

Writing data into file

Appending data into file

Line count in File

CSV module

Creating CSV file

Reading from CSV file

Writing into CSV file

Object serialization – pickle module

XML parsing

JSON parsing

Python Logging


Logging Levels

implement Logging

Configure Log File in over writing Mode

Timestamp in the Log Messages

Python Program Exceptions to the Log File

Requirement of Our Own Customized Logger

Features of Customized Logger

Date & Time module


How to use Date & Date Time class

How to use Time Delta object

Formatting Date and Time

Calendar module

Text calendar

HTML calendar

OS module


Shell script commands

Various OS operations in Python

Python file system shell methods

Creating files and directories

Removing files and directories

Shutdown and Restart system

Renaming files and directories

Executing system commands

Multi-threading & Multi Processing



Multi tasking v/s Multi threading

Threading module

Creating thread – inheriting Thread class , Using callable object

Life cycle of thread

Single threaded application

Multi threaded application

Can we call run() directly?

Need to start() method



Synchronization – Lock class – acquire(), release() functions

Case studies

Garbage collection



Importance of Manual garbage collection

Self reference objects garbage collection

‘gc’ module

Collect() method

Threshold function

Case studies

Python Data Base Communications(PDBC)


Introduction to DBMS applications

File system v/s DBMS

Communicating with MySQL

Python – MySQL connector

connector module

connect() method

Oracle Database

Install cx_Oracle

Cursor Object methods

execute() method

executeMany() method




Static queries v/s Dynamic queries

Transaction management

Case studies

Python – Network Programming


What is Sockets?

What is Socket Programming?

The socket Module

Server Socket Methods

Connecting to a server

A simple server-client program



Tkinter & Turtle


Introduction to GUI programming

Tkinter module

Tk class

Components / Widgets

Label , Entry , Button , Combo, Radio

Types of Layouts

Handling events

Widgets properties

Case studies

Data analytics modules









N dimension arrays

Indexing and Slicing



Data Frames

Merge , Join, Concat

MatPlotLib introduction

Drawing plots

Introduction to Machine learning

Types of Machine Learning?

Introduction to Data science



Introduction to PYTHON Django

What is Web framework?

Why Frameworks?

Define MVT Design Pattern

Difference between MVC and MVT


Pandas – Introduction


Pandas – Environment Setup


Pandas – Introduction to Data Structures


Dimension & Description



Data Type of Columns


Pandas — Series



Create an Empty Series

Create a Series f

rom ndarray

rom dict

rom Scalar

Accessing Data from Series with Position

Retrieve Data Using Label (Index)

Pandas – DataFrame



Create DataFrame

Create an Empty DataFrame

Create a DataFrame from Lists

Create a DataFrame from Dict of ndarrays / Lists

Create a DataFrame from List of Dicts

Create a DataFrame from Dict of Series

Column Selection

Column Addition

Column Deletion

Row Selection, Addition, and Deletion

Pandas – Panel



Create Panel

Selecting the Data from Panel

Pandas – Basic Functionality


DataFrame Basic Functionality

Pandas – Descriptive Statistics


Functions & Description

Summarizing Data

Pandas – Function Application


Table-wise Function Application

Row or Column Wise Function Application

Element Wise Function Application

Pandas – Reindexing


Reindex to Align with Other Objects

Filling while ReIndexing

Limits on Filling while Reindexing


Pandas – Iteration


Iterating a DataFrame




Pandas – Sorting


By Label

Sorting Algorithm

Pandas – Working with Text Data


Pandas – Options and Customization







Pandas – Indexing and Selecting Data





Use of Notations

Pandas – Statistical Functions





Data Ranking

Pandas – Window Functions


.rolling() Function

.expanding() Function

.ewm() Function

Pandas – Aggregations


Applying Aggregations on DataFrame

Pandas – Missing Data


Cleaning / Filling Missing Data

Replace NaN with a Scalar Value

Fill NA Forward and Backward

Drop Missing Values

Replace Missing (or) Generic Values

Pandas – GroupBy


Split Data into Groups

View Groups

Iterating through Groups

Select a Group




Pandas – Merging/Joining


Merge Using ‘how’ Argument

Pandas – Concatenation


Concatenating Objects

Time Series

Pandas – Date Functionality


Pandas – Timedelta


Pandas – Categorical Data


Object Creation

Pandas – Visualization


Bar Plot


Box Plots

Area Plot

Scatter Plot

Pie Chart

Pandas – IO Tools



Pandas – Sparse Data


Pandas – Caveats & Gotchas


Pandas – Comparison with SQL











Data Type Objects (dtype)


























Integer Indexing

Boolean Array Indexing







Python Trainer Profile

  • Having 12 years of experience in Web domain with Object Oriented Programming experience and good knowledge of advanced language features in Python
  • Trained more than 1000+ students in Python.
  • 5 * rating from all our students.
  • Having good experience developing a web application with latest technologies.
  • Well versed in a number of frameworks of python like Django, Flask etc.
  • Demonstrates excellent programming skills.
  • Familiarity with some ORM (Object Relational Mapper) libraries
  • Excellent training delivery skills with the ability to present information well.
  • Demonstrable experience of being student-focused and completing projects to hit deadlines and targets.
  • Demonstrable proof of enthusiasm, initiative, creativity and problem-solving.

Skills and Experience of our Python Instructor??

  • Training certificate on PMP.
  • Ethical hacking and secure coding practice.
  • Experience in Power APP and Power DB.
  • Developing and using RESTful APIs
  • Full Stack Developing skills
  • Security Tool Kit Integration and Janus Authentication

Popular Interview Questions for Python

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Useful to join here for python beginners and experienced professionals. Real time examples and  tasks are given to understand concepts.lab facility is available.Real time projects are given under the guidance of Python sir.Great Place to learn Advanced Python Classes In Bangalore

I finished my Python Course Here.I am happy to join here.. Python Sir has explained every topic with example... Missed classes will be explained as backup classes.Really Very happy with placements Team.Top Python Training Institute in Bangalore.

I have a good experience with this Python Institute, staff is very helpful and friendly👏  👏  👏  ......after joining in this institute, i get good knowledge in every concept in Python and Django.....I am very thankful to Python Instructor    😊 this place we can increase our programming skills and technical skills.....I can suggest this is the best one to join.Thank you Bangalore Training Academy.....!!☺️😘

Best Python Training Institute.The way they explained the Python was very good, even though you are not from the non computer background you can easily understand it. They conduct the exams after completing each course. Trust me this institute is good.They Provided me lot of python interview questions.Placement Support is very Good.
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5 ***** ratings from more than 4000 students

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