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 In today's highly competitive business landscape, organizations across industries are seeking efficient ways to streamline their supply chain operations, optimize logistics, and enhance overall productivity. SAP Simple Logistics has emerged as a game-changing solution, empowering businesses to achieve seamless integration, real-time visibility, and data-driven decision-making. To meet the growing demand for skilled professionals in this domain, Bangalore Training Academy (BTA) has become a leading provider of comprehensive SAP Simple Logistics classroom and online training in Bangalore, backed by an excellent placement assistance program.

At Bangalore Training Academy, the curriculum for SAP Simple Logistics training has been meticulously designed to cover all aspects of the subject, equipping learners with the necessary knowledge and skills. The course modules encompass core areas such as Material Management (MM), Production Planning (PP), Sales and Distribution (SD), and Supply Chain Management (SCM). By delving into these topics, students gain a holistic understanding of SAP Simple Logistics and acquire hands-on experience through practical exercises and industry-relevant case studies.

One of the key factors that sets Bangalore Training Academy apart is its team of experienced trainers who possess extensive expertise in SAP Simple Logistics. These trainers are not only well-versed in the theoretical aspects of the subject but also bring practical industry experience to the classroom. Their ability to impart knowledge effectively and guide students through complex concepts ensures a valuable and enriching learning experience.

Bangalore Training Academy understands the importance of flexibility in learning, considering the diverse needs and constraints of individuals. Hence, they offer both classroom and online training options for SAP Simple Logistics. The classroom training sessions provide an interactive environment where learners can directly engage with trainers and peers, fostering collaborative learning. On the other hand, the online training program offers the convenience of self-paced learning, allowing students to access the course material and instructional videos at their own convenience, from anywhere in the world.

To facilitate a conducive learning environment, Bangalore Training Academy boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure that includes modern classrooms equipped with audio-visual aids, multimedia projectors, and high-speed internet connectivity. These facilities enhance the overall learning experience, enabling students to grasp concepts effectively and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in SAP Simple Logistics.

Understanding the significance of securing a rewarding career in SAP Simple Logistics, Bangalore Training Academy goes the extra mile to provide comprehensive placement assistance to its students. Through strategic collaborations with leading organizations and recruitment agencies, BTA ensures that students receive ample opportunities to showcase their skills and secure desirable job placements. The academy also conducts mock interviews, resume-building workshops, and career counseling sessions, empowering students to excel in their job search.

Bangalore Training Academy stands as a trusted name in the realm of SAP Simple Logistics training, offering the best classroom and online training options in Bangalore. With a carefully crafted curriculum, expert trainers, flexible learning options, and a robust placement assistance program, BTA provides students with a competitive edge in the job market. By enrolling in their SAP Simple Logistics training program, individuals can acquire the skills necessary to drive operational efficiency and contribute significantly to the success of any organization operating in today's dynamic business environment

Bangalore Training Academy Offers Best SAP Simple Logistics Classroom and Online Training in Bangalore with Placement


SAP Simple Logistics is a powerful tool that can help businesses improve their supply chain management. If you're looking to learn SAP Simple Logistics, Bangalore Training Academy is the best place to do it.

Bangalore Training Academy offers both classroom and online training in SAP Simple Logistics. Their classroom training is held in their state-of-the-art facility in Bangalore.

No matter which training format you choose, you'll be taught by experienced SAP Simple Logistics professionals. Their trainers have years of experience in the field, and they know how to teach the material in a clear and concise way.

In addition to the training, Bangalore Training Academy also offers placement assistance. They have a team of placement experts who will help you find a job in SAP Simple Logistics after you complete your training.

If you're serious about learning SAP Simple Logistics, then Bangalore Training Academy is the best place to do it. They offer top-notch training, experienced trainers, and placement assistance.

Benefits of learning SAP Simple Logistics from Bangalore Training Academy:


You'll learn from experienced SAP Simple Logistics professionals.

You'll get hands-on experience with SAP Simple Logistics.

You'll have access to the latest SAP Simple Logistics software.

You'll be eligible for placement assistance.

If you're interested in learning SAP Simple Logistics, then I encourage you to contact Bangalore Training Academy today. They'll be happy to answer any questions you have and help you get started on your journey to becoming a SAP Simple Logistics expert.


Here are some of the features of Bangalore Training Academy's SAP Simple Logistics training:


The training is delivered in a clear and concise way.

The training is hands-on, so you'll get to practice what you learn.

The training is up-to-date, so you'll learn the latest SAP Simple Logistics features.

The training is affordable, so you can get the skills you need without breaking the bank.

If you're looking for the best SAP Simple Logistics training in Bangalore, then Bangalore Training Academy is the place for you. Contact them today to learn more about their training programs.

SAP Simple Logistics Course Syllabus




S/4 HANA Roadmap

Benefits of S/4 HANA from business perspective

Ways from Business Suite to S/4 HANA

Introduction to SAP Fiori

Deployment Options (On Premise, Cloud and Hybrid)

Introduction to SAP Activate Methodology


System Conversion

Landscape transformation

New implementation

Overview of SAP HANA Cloud Solutions


SAP Strategy for Cloud and SAP HANA

SAP Cloud Data Centers

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Use Cases

Examples of On-Premise to Cloud Integration

Key Innovations of SAP Simple Logistics


Inventory Management

Material Requirement Planning

Material Valuation

Order Management & Billing


Changes in SAP Simple Logistics Processes


Overview of New Functionalities in SAP Simple Logistics

Overview of SAP Fiori Apps related to Logistics/ Supply Chain

Architectural changes for Product Master & Supplier Information

Architectural Changes/ Configurations related to Sourcing & Procurement

Architectural Changes/ Configurations related to Supply Chain

Architectural Changes/ Configurations related to Manufacturing

Architectural Changes/ Configurations related to Sales

Industry Specific Solutions for Logistics functions for


Engineering & Construction

Aerospace & Defense

Mill Industry


Migration to SAP S/4 HANA


For New Installation

Customers already using SAP Business Suite

Customers who want to consolidate their landscape

Customers who want to Carve out selected entities or processes


Explain the scope and impact of the SAP S/4 HANA Materials Management & Operation

Understand the prerequisites for migration

Configure the system in preparation for migration

Perform migration to the SAP S/4 HANA


Application consultant

Support consultant

Project manager



Must have Basic Understanding of Logistics Processes

Should have some knowledge of any SAP Logistics module

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